Born Healer

BORN HEALER - heavy blues with a groove. Three-quarters of this bunch were British Blues Award nominees Bare Bones Boogie Band whose last album was one of Classic Rock:Blues magazine’s top albums of the year and whose gigs were attended by none other than Robert Plant and Jimmy Page! Born Healer delivers “stunning, blistering blues-laced soul” according to Blues in Britain. Bass player Marek Funkas brings his own inimitable groove, while ex-BBBB guitarist-songwriter Iain Black and drummer Andy Jones are reaching new levels instrumentally. Helen Turner’s vocals remain, as always, “the real deal” and “in a different class”, according to Classic Rock magazine. The band’s 2016 debut album ‘Til the Dawn’ is a celebration of heavy blues with a groove, from hard rock to heart-bursting, soulful ballads. Their 2018 single, ‘Forgot to Forget’ continues the party with a dancey, groovy vibe.