Completely & Utterly

Created by schoolmates Oscar Thorpe and Max Holm-Radford, Completely & Utterly never quite fit into a singe musical genre other than the all-encompassing term of 'indie'. However this betrays the band's eclectic influences ranging from the synth-pop psychedelia of Tame Impala to the political post-punk of The Clash and The Smiths.

Forged from deepest suburbia, Completely & Utterly doesn't simply write three minute pop songs. Instead their lyrics take guidance from the likes of Alt-J and King creosote to name a few, covering topics such as teenage uncertainty, mental health and politics.

When starting up, the band refused to play a cover at a gig, instead insisting that they should write originals. This has lead to Completely & Utterly's wide catalogue of songs fuelled by Oscar Thorpe's relentless songwriting. They now have around 15 original songs after being formed for only 18 months.

The band has an EP as well as some tracks released, with the promise of more to come. They are currently playing the London circuit with regular gigs, so watch this space!