Soft yet powerful, dark yet cheeky – DAXX’s music lives from carefully chosen contrasts. The German singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist takes you on a journey into her life, through the nightlife filled with parties and self-doubt, through states of empowerment and helplessness, constantly close to the point where you’re getting too close to be comfortable. But the simple, almost self-ironic way of presenting her songs gives even the darkest topic the little twist it needs to stay I your head and keep you excited.

DAXX is not just a name - it’s an artistic concept. ‘Dachs’ is the German word for badger, and ‘Dachs’ somehow became the nickname of Marina in her German hometown Munich (for details on why that is ask the singer when drunk). To make the name a unique artist name, DAXX was created. Represented by weird makeup, fashionable outfits and a strange and enchanting performance, DAXX is a wholesome concept, that promises you a surprise or two.