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“The Seattle sound has always been are our common ground,” laughs DeadSet frontman Kenny Boyle, “I’m a Pearl Jam man, and there's Soundgarden & Pilots in there too ,” he continues. It’s no coincidence then that it’s in the midst of these bastions of American rock, that DeadSet draws their powerful, raw sound. Having laid their roots in previous bands in the thriving Southampton music scene, this is the third reincarnation of the outfit, and it keeps getting better. They have wasted little time honing their notoriously buzzing live show on stages across the city, from the O2 Islington Academy to the iconic basements of The Borderline and The 100 Club – drawing the attention of Kerrang! magazine on their way. “It used to take me a bottle of Jack to feel easy onstage,” grins Kenny. “Nowadays though, we just go out there all guns blazing. We’re the same in the studio, too.” With their second album set for release later this year, the band have been locked away in the Isle of Wight’s Studio Humbug, laying the foundations of what promises to be something special; a record that encapsulates the untamed energy of their shows. “I get a riff in my head and then I just play it over and over until it hurts,” the frontman says of the sessions. “We take a relentless approach to writing.” Equally as relentless is the band’s approach to touring. “Our attitude was always ‘Let’s go and do a fucking tour, it doesn’t matter who’s there.” Now though, the band’s gunning for Glastonbury. Via London’s Koko. Via The Camden Roundhouse. Via Download Festival and everywhere in between. DeadSet are serious. On huge tunes. On great shows. On rock’n’roll… Get onboard, or get out of the way.