Dear Life,

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Dear Life, is an alt-ambient melancholy indie band based in West London. Typically their style is described as being 'atmospheric', 'cinematic', and 'left field' song based tracks - the band does not mind wandering off the beaten paths. Musically, tracks jump between hippie camp fire tunes, to ambient prog interludes, psychedelic shoe gaze, and sometimes, in the collective pits of the band's heads - they think they're just playing mainstream rainbow pop.

Think...Goyte + Bjork + Radiohead + Blonde Redhead + Arcade Fire + The Flaming Lips + The Cardigans/A Camp, and, Le Depeche Mode. Alors, oui, it's complicated.

In June 2015 they self released their debut 8 track EP “i love you long time”. Their song “Girl” from this EP was a top ten finalist in the 2016 Record Store Day Berwick Street Calling competition. “Go Our Separate Ways” and “Out of Place” from the EP have been received well and have had a number of radio plays.

Recording for their debut album started in August 2016 and took 8 months to complete. The band selected 10 new tracks for their new album, called, “Hello Frankenstein!”. A new track is released every month, with the album scheduled for released in June 2018.

Free advanced press promo downloads and CDs are available on request. A UK tour is planned for 2018 to promote the album.
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Dear Life, - Round But Jaded [Official Video]