Dying Habit

Dying Habit are an Alternative Rock Band with an original new Album. Their sound is big..melodic emotive music. They avoid the use of the direct and plain... but stay accessible. Making creative music sound uncomplicated. Nathan Jones on Vocals, Alan Hart on Guitar, Aled Hughes on Bass and Mark Jones on Drums, they have progressed through different styles from grunge when they first started out 7 years ago to the style they have achieved from their newest album As I fade back into the wilderness which is now an Alternative Rock genre. Live, they have a good stance. The Band is mesmerizing to watch, lots of talent, it's fulfilling to stand in front of these guys at a show. Each song tells a fantastic story that will be sure to enchant. They have a great way of capturing you into their set, and leaving you feeling surprised. You can tell from their live performances that their songs have been written - to be played live and not just produced for recording. Big is better is the sound 'motto' this Band gives off live.

Dying Habit - SoundWaves Music Competition Checkpoint Video