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British alt-pop collective Dyme are an alluring new breed of four-piece band, who infuse a colourful spectrum of genres with lyrics that are both intriguing and relatable. Based in Cardiff, they have been together for the last two years, spending time developing their own unique sound. In December 2017, the group released their debut singles, ‘Prove Me Wrong’ and ‘wht.yth’, gaining attention from local tastemakers and fans alike. Dyme is comprised of four workmates, who bonded over their love of playing music. Enigmatic frontman Joey Watson leads the band from both keys and guitar, whilst the group also features multi-instrumentalist Alex Davis, drummer Junior Secco and guitarist Sam Payne. Both Joey and Sam are originally from Cardiff (where Dyme was formed), whereas Alex, who hails from Birmingham, initially moved to Cardiff to study music, and Junior, who grew up in Brazil, moved there after falling in love with a Welsh girl during time spent in Canada. As a result of coming from such different walks of life, they are influenced by an eclectic and wide-ranging mix of genres and artists, from the encapsulation of popular music exhibited by Michael Jackson, Phil Collins and Stevie Wonder, to the prolific alternative compositions of Bon Iver, and the RnB, neo-soul sounds of D’Angelo. Currently the band are putting the finishing touches to their debut EP, which is due to be released in 2019.

wht.yth - dyme (lyric video)