[en] Rose

The Band was formed in London in March 2017 by American born multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/producer Adam M. (a.k.a Johnny Rock, Buddy A - Mutant Bird, PLMB). He was later joined by Italian pluri-disciplinary Luigi Z. and young guitar prodigy Freddie V. from the UK. Reminiscing from past experiences and heartbreaks, Adam composed a few moody tracks in the heart of a Hackney Wick warehouse.. Influenced by Motown, Blues, Soul, Trip-Hop and Ambient Rock, he created a desaturated landscape lit by twinkling neon lights with a fragrance of old cigarette butts, dirty bedsheets and an after-taste of whisky and opium. When Luigi and Freddie joined the project, they both added their own touch to the dark compositions. One brought a positive light and feel to it and the other some luminous aerial strokes of colour.