French Boutik

"They call it pop moderniste, I call it bloody marvelous" (Shindig) * "The Epitome of Cool....Simply irresistible in exciting and eclectic mix" (What's On Shropshire)* "Super-cool sounds that merge together classic Sixties Soul and the cinematic influences of film-noir and spy movie soundtracks and mix them all up with French Ye-Ye, Mod and a nice edge of New Wave" (Retroman Blog)* "The bottom line is that French Boutik knock out infuriatingly catchy modern-day grooves with a hint of the past, rather than drowning in it"(Modculture)* "They make Mod appear like a cool thing, which it always should but seldom does these days. They are the only current band I can think of who do Mod well." (Monkeypicks) The Paris based French Boutik “pop moderniste” quartet is truly original, with a unique vision of elegant and modern internationalist pop. They take the "moderniste" element of their tagline seriously and avoid retro déjà vu while still maintaining a clear nod to their 1960's influences. The result is a delightful and clever concoction of classic pop melodies, harmony drenched vocals, a soupçon of swirling organ, and sharp French and English lyrics -- the amusing and troubling sounds perfectly representing French Boutik's timely marriage of English and French pop. The songs are bilingual social portraits peppered with irony, and delivered with a sophistication worthy of their heroes The Kinks, Jacques Dutronc and XTC but firmly planted in the present. Erupting on to the global Mod music scene with a sound all their own, French Boutik have ventured far from Paris to stages large & small from Germany to Russia to Spain, to Ireland, Italy, the UK, the US and all parts in-between. They seem to be particularly appreciated in the UK, where they are frequent visitors.

French Boutik - Mieux comme ça !