Freya Alley

Freya Alley is singer-songwriter based in London. Alley moved to the UK in 2011, looking for new life experiences and making dreams come true. Having appreciated and experimented with music at a young age, Alley started taking her music career seriously aged 17, both writing and performing songs. After arriving in London she needed new places to record her music as well as new collaborators who would help her to define her sound. Freya Alley has been working closely with songwriter Laurence Hobbs who has multiple chart successes with artists such as Sam Smith and Pixie Lott. Describing her sound as atmospheric, cinematic and poetic Freya Alley takes a lot of inspiration from nature, which also shapes her distinctive, fantasy-like image. Creatively she looks up to many of the abstract female pop acts including Lorde, BANKS, and Lana Del Rey.