Future West

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Future West is the musical brainchild of Irish/London based multi-instrumentalist/producer Francis Watters. Since conceiving the project in 2016 Francis has self-recorded and released 2017’s debut record “Holy Shit… Here Come The Future West” as well as co-recording/engineering/mixing the very limited 7’ vinyl run of 2016’s “Call Me stupid” and 2018’s “Radio Town”. After recently relocating to London and turning Future West into a solo venture, Francis has gifted the project with two very diverse live shows. The first being a completely stripped back powerful, emotive acoustic set full of dynamic twists and turns and the second being a more electronic/pop outing. Brandishing an acoustic guitar and synth whilst accompanied with a speaker full of beats, loops & samples, Francis delivers to you, his own unique brand of dark/chill/bedroom pop via “Future West”.