Gabrielle Sey

As a young girl, Sey was bold, brazen and spirited. Enthralled by musical icons such as Beyoncé and Janet Jackson, she often took the lead role in school productions, dominating the stage with her lively performances. As an aspiring artist, Sey strived to create a musical identity to mimic that of her idols. However, growing older brought new perspectives and Sey became gradually disenchanted by industry stereotypes and beauty standards. So, she fashioned an identity of her own - drawing from her Ghanaian heritage to craft a distinctive model, sound, and sense of self that were true to her roots.

Since graduating from the Brit School and Goldsmith’s University, Sey has been honing her distinct Afrocentric sound. Inspired by musical influences such as India Arie, John Mayer, Tune-Yards, Rokia Traoré, Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone, Sey’s offering is a mellow blend of soul, Afro-pop, and folk that requires little interpretation: “It is what it is – just feel it!”

Despite being richly rhythmic, lyrically lead and soulfully infused, Sey’s artistry is incomplete without her signature performative flair, a characteristic of her music that can only be appreciated at her live shows. Her shows have taken place in some of London’s renowned underground venues including Spice of Life in August, The Borderline, and most recently at The Boondocks Festival 2016.;

Lana Del Rey - Love (Cover) by Gabrielle Sey