Georgie Kay

Rising, independent R&B artist 'Georgie Kay' recently released her sassy, anthemic, exciting debut single 'Black Mamba, which was described on BBC Introducing as 'Banger of the evening!' and featured by New York-based blogger
MEREDITH REED at Like a Boss Girls, 'Georgie Kay has the type of voice made for serving up bold and powerful lyrics — and she uses it. She may be young, but she has already found a wise and soulful voice. Her sound has the type of timeless style that will never be without a loyal audience. In beautiful command of her lower range, Georgie Kay leads up to the “Black Mamba” chorus with a line that just might need to become my new mantra: “She dreams and she owns and she lives and she breathes and she kills ittttt….” YES, sister!!'

Georgie teamed up with the exceptionally talented James Grover, a producer with a background at Peak Studios, one of the UK’s top recording studios. AM Studios’ director Amelia McCloskey co wrote and co produced bass heavy ‘Black Mamba’, inspired by the hit TV show Empire. The single also features Don Prada, a notable US rapper.

At the age of just 17 Georgie was selected to headline Wimborne Festival for her first gig, now at the age of 19, those gigs have given this new artist the experience and skills needed to hype an audience in any stadium. Between her sassy stage persona and her sultry vocals, best believe that you would not be disappointed.