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I grew up in east london Hackney, Clapton, London Fields, Well ST, I was raised by my mother. My family nationality is American, Jamaican & Spanish. I started getting into music when my mother gave me the tupac shakur CD (ALL EYES ON ME), I was 12 years old. I didnt really know how to rap or put music together as I was still trying to find myself as a young man growing up in such a known area for criminal activity. At the age of 17 I began to start my own independent record label called Talk Is Cheap Records, with a few of my secondary school friends such as Ryan aka Arcane and Darren aka Sleepiaz. They both used to motivated me to continue with music and never give up but I was too focused on becoming a gangster. I’ve always been on and off with music due to the fact of me not being able to record music in my own studio, so I would just write lyrics on a daily basis and spit them to my friends in my local area. In 2008 I though to myself if I got a few artists from my area on a new independent record label that I create by the name of So Focused Records Ltd I could take the music industry by storm. So in 2009 I created my own studio from the help of a old school friend Ryan so I could finally have studio in the comfort of my home space everything was starting to take off great. In 2011 I found my mother dead in her room, leaving me not in the mind frame of wanting to make any type of music, but some way in December 2011 a few weeks after losing my mother I came back to record my self titled mixtape GRAFTA. I found it hard to grief for my mother, so I started reaching out to the local guys in my area. Most of the guys I was chilling with was rappers so I created another music team titled TEAM EMOTIONAL WAVE which after disintegrated slowly as they wasn't 100% in music I started to focus on myself. I've come along way so far so follow the rest of my journey to see where it goes.

GRAFTA - Settle Down [MUSIC VIDEO] @TheRealGrafta | Filmed By @GraftaTV