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Hallan performs music with reverb drenched guitar and words that are upfront and real just as they should be. Born and raised on the southcoast of the Uk, Hallan is the indie/alternative project of Conor Clements. Birthed from bedroom demos and lofi gear, Hallan mixes elements of jazz with the attitude and honesty of homegrown, do it yourself, indie rock. Right off the bat of playing a run of summer gigs, Hallan has just secured a spot at Icebreaker 2018 and is gigging over the southcoast with fellow musicians.With foot stomping indie tunes that indulge your inner anger to melodic, chill guitar riffs, the band is bringing Hallan's angsty fed guitar tunes across the southcoast. With a unique sound Hallan is ready to share music with indie rock lovers and anyone for a predisposition for reverb/chorus driven guitar tunes. Truth, honesty and humility come together to create Hallan, combined with the expierences of an emeriging adult in the complex and poetic world of 2017. Expect guitar, shouting and catchy indie tunes.