Hidden White Noise

‘Hidden White Noise are a Leeds based trio making abrasive, blues fused garage rock with some late seventies punk and southern rock influences, take MC5 & the stooges, creedence with the angst of early motorhead. A band who aren't afraid to trade on their roots or be labelled revivalist, who's sound is simple but direct. Modern music seems to try its best to capture something unique that it forgets what is necessary about a song: hooks, riffs, groove and feel with melody and heart, hidden white noise mantra is to deliver songs that won’t go away. The band are totally fuelled for live shows and their recordings always attempt to capture ‘that’ moment you experience in a dirty venue in front of a screaming pa. Stevie Pickles fronts the band on vocals and guitar with the signature biting guitar tone and howling vocal delivery, Mark Norris on bass with poise and lines to compliment that give this 3 piece a wholeness, Lee Stranger on drums, more ‘heartgroove’ than ‘heartbeat’, driving the band with chest thumping rhythm and feel. When they first got in a room together it took just 3 minutes to know they now had the ‘formula’. Having had great support with numerous tracks played out on BBC introducing, the most recent being described by Alan Raw as " an absolute anthem’ they are now in the studio finishing a release for early 2018 that promises to reach further than you might think .’