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James Beau Barclay

Registered for Isle of Wight Festival New Blood Competition, click below to vote:
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I am a 21 year old singer songwriter and producer hailing from bristol, currently at the end of my second year studying design at Goldsmiths in london. I have been playing music since i was 9 however i only really developed a passion when i started writing my own songs at the age of 14. In the past few years i have also developed a passion for lead guitar playing and love playing the blues! I have an eclectic style and enjoy playing everything from fingerpicked folk songs to heavy blues rock with my band. I have been told by friends and foes that my performances are an almost perfect mixture of fun and emotion. I relish interacting with the crowd and use awkward anecdotes and jaunty vibes to get them pumped and dancing. I aim to create an aura of sweat, laughter and love over the duration of the musical production (cheesy but i love it).

James Beau Barclay - Lost more (Live)