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Jessie Dipper

Indie, alt. acoustic odd-sock-wearing-Singer-songwriter with an alternative folk, rock and soul inspired sound. As a solo musician, Jessie is equipped with pedal board and passion, enhancing her performance and live sound and merging her unique falsetto and gravel vocal tones. Now based in Birmingham (after a short stint in London and having just come out of a "Summer Christmas Tour" in Dubai, Australia and New Zealand) songwriter Jessie plays gigs, produces and continues to write about redemption joy that comes in the morning, even from the nights of sorrow, through her beautifully lyrical songwriting style, complemented by the stylistic, rock influenced guitar playing. Living in many different places, gone through bereavement, and having a faith that influences all that she writes, Jessie has a deep 'bluesy' soul vibe, surprising to see at such an early point in her career. Compared to the likes of Mark Knofler, Ellie Goudling, Mumford and Sons, having been said to be a female Ed Sheeran, and once described like "Lily Allen and Bjork on acid". Her discography boasts of 2 independently released EPs with a debut Album now fresh out the studio, planning to be released later this year.
From pubs to IKEA sitting rooms, clubs to Lord’s Cricket Ground and tree houses to Churches, and a spot on BBC introducing's playlist and local radio stations, Jessie is a sound, emerging from the UK, with a passion and a dream and a personality to charm.

Beans on Toast [Official Music Video]