Joey Collins

Joey Collins is a 21 year old singer/songwriter/producer based in London. His music is a variety of genres with influences including of; Jeff Buckley, Noah Gundersen, John Frusciante, Richard Ashcroft, James Veck-Gilodi and Eddie Vedder to name a few. Discography: 'Take Your Pain & Turn It Into Art' [EP] (March, 2016 release), 'The Time In Between The Seconds' [EP] (December, 2016 release), 'Desolated // Elevated' [EP] (February 2017 release) ***LeftLion said:*** "Joey Collins rocks a low-key, Kurt Cobain sound with a hint of Jeff Buckley soul." ***Petulant Penguin said:*** "Excellently crafted tunes." "Take Your Pain & Turn It Into Art" [EP] Digital Order -

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