Katie MF

Katie MF's folk-punk style has been described as Frank Turner x The Clash x Melissa Etheridge. She writes about things that matter - society, the human condition, love, loss and the misdemeanours of certain politicians. Foot-stomping rhythms, catchy melodies and lyrics that make you think, laugh, then think some more - Katie MF has a unique, wry, warm approach.

Together with her band, the MFs (you can decide what that stands for), she has a fast-growing reputation for energetic and energising shows that will take you to surprising places - whether convincing you to leave behind that 9-5 life (Rat Race), berating a recidivist lover (Leaving For The Last Time), making voting seem more important than ever (Let's Get Pissed Off), or killing your negativity (with Feelgood Films and drugs).

Or, in the words of one recent convert: "Definitely worth the six quid".