Keyhole Company

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Pre-heat the oven in 2009. Mix Sam with Jordan and Johnny then leave to marinate in East London for six years. Add Bradley and turn up the heat. Season with catchy riffs and punchy choruses (make sure the mix is nice and heavy). Best served live, otherwise chill and find them on iTunes, Spotify or any available platform you can think of. “Keyhole Company" are Sam Gendler, Jordan Moody, Johnny Mason and Bradley Morgan- Vizard. Solid, memorable guitar riffs, punchy choruses and technical proficiency are what this East London brood do best. They’re catchy without being lame, and musically versed without making a big deal about it. They make solid British Rock that’s easy to air-drum to, while not making you feel like an idiot, and that’s impressive. Catch them live before everyone else gets to brag that they saw Keyhole Company before they went “Mainstream.”