Kloq are forged out of three key elements. The love of electronic, rock and alternative music, growing up in and around Essex and it's boundless music community and the determination to create something new and expressive for the masses. Founder member Oz Morsley started out with the band Empirion. Kloq started as a studio project by Oz, Using influences from EBM, rock, Electro and so much more. With the release of the much acclaimed first album "Move Forward" came a time of immense touring across the world. The album featured several notable collaborations from Douglas McCarthy - Nitzer ebb, Paolo Morena - The Morenas and Lucia Carnel from Sunscreem. At the time there were only Oz and touring front man Greg Cumbers in the band. The pair embarked on a mammoth promotional campaign that took them from Japan to Poland, the UK, Germany and beyond. As the sound evolved, so did Oz Mosley's idea of the band. From the early days as a duo, it was now time to expand the sound and this was achieved with the addition of Tim Jackson on bass guitar. Tim was an old friend of Oz's and had just recently split from a band Oz had produced several years earlier. A further year of promotional touring was undertaken alongside other notable bands and friends Nitzer Ebb and VNV nation. Kloq swiftly carved out a steady fan base for themselves and their music. During this time Kloq had used Mark Jackson of VNV Nation on drums. This had opened up yet another soundscape live, so the band looked around for a more permanent drummer for the position. Along came Steve Wilson. Large in both stature and sound. He had also worked with both Oz and Tim and this was to become a great pairing. Once again, the band embarked on more gigs and tours across the globe with many big festival shows and a few UK gigs too. Kloq have most recently changed vocalists with the addition of the outstanding local Essex singer Dean Goodwin. He adds a commercial element with his Killers style vocals. Kloq have also remixed tracks for Nitzer Ebb and Mesh. Currently writing and producing the next album.