KOMRAUS is London based, Live Music Project mixing trip-hop music with cinematic universes and epic lyrics. Komraus wants to bring the intimacy of our secrets and passions to the music world.

Based on Marcin Komraus compositions in collaboration with Sara Rioja, this is a project conformed by successful professional musicians with the need of bringing solid and intimate live performances to the audience to unleash their senses.

KOMARUS has played in Spain, Italy, Portugal and London and has a repertoire of their own original songs of over 1 hour.

“I can't wait to see you playing Live” Steve Honest (Producer, Michael Jackson, Prince).

“Strong vocals and solid music. This is really good”. Steve Orchard (Grammy Awarded, Goldfrapp)

KOMRAUS will be releasing new material next year.

Keyboards, Synths / Miguel Ramires
Acoustic & Electronic Drums / Giuseppe Grondona
Vocals / Sara Rioja

Music by Marcin Komraus
Lyrics by Sara Rioja

If I Am Dreaming - Live - Komraus