Encompassing elements of electronica, alternative-rock and experimental melodies, Berlin based EBM duo takes you to the world of Eastern-European melancholy with sounds of irony mixed in a collage of angst and grim vocal soundscapes.
In 2015 LATH's first studio album was released titled Rotten Hearts. The album produced 3 singles, accompanied by 2 remixes and a video for the song Lover. After 2 years of silence LATH returned with an experimental EP - Is It Art?!. A collection of songs, which honestly and openly talk about feelings and highlight problems of our everyday lives. touching sensitive topics like depression, loneliness, hopelessness and disappointment, picturing our ruthless and needy society with brooding melodies and sarcastic lyrics. Critics compared his new release to Einstürzende Neubauten , The Normal, Fad Gadget and Cabaret Voltaire. "Is It Art?! is serious music for serious people, it's challenging and rewards repeated listens...don't expect sugar coated marshmallows served up by the mainstream pop industry. This is ART!" In their latest single - Lovesong, LATH gives an unorthodox spin to traditional love songs to haunt the mainstream with a grotesque, restless composition that is driven by screeching synths and roaring vocals.