Lethbridge Owen

Lethbridge Owen are Folk Tinged Rock/Pop/Blues band, who write in a traditional style with Folk influences. Reminiscent of a Fleetwood Mac/ Buckingham Nick/Hendrix set up and with strong Pop elements, the songs are catchy, carefully crafted and memorable. With the use of vintage gear for great guitar tone such as the 1970s echo plex and 1960s Marshall plexi sounds, this band create a big feel and ethereal quality. The addition of the pedal steel and the strong, melodic vocals make this eclectic set of songs something people will be moving and singing along to.
Their original material provides their audience with a refreshing sense of variety, emotion and great performances and musicianship. Lethbridge Owen are ones to look out for and well worth coming to see - A set of original Music with the bands favourite covers thrown in for a true nostalgic trip back to the great eras of music.

"Kelly Louise's always immaculate vocals, subtle and mature songwriting combined with stellar performances all round make this band a must see - looking forward to catching the band live again"
— John Dryland (Cargo Records)

Bruce Dickinson from the Little Angels says - "Jimmy is a natural musician and a real player. His technical proficiency is extremely high, He has excellent timing and behind the technique lies real musicality and solid phrasing."

"Fantastic tone and incredible guitar playing, Jimmy Owen really is one to watch out for" John Dryland, Cargo records.