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Next playing:
19 April
£7 ADV

Little Triggers

When little Triggers first hit the UK scene in 2016 they instantly brought with them a revived feeling that guitar music still has something to offer. Amid a musical landscape awash with pristine pop and lightweight indie rock, the Merseyside four piece offer hope for something fresh, original but more importantly, for something that is bold and brash. Here is a band unashamed of brandishing the rock n roll label.

The band is a formidable live force. Led by singer and guitarist Tom Hamilton, a frontman who could easily find his way into future pop textbooks as one of rock n roll's infamous kindred spirits. Little Triggers have mastered the rock n roll art form while living up to the demands of its lifestyle. Choosing to evade the tiresome indie platitudes of their contemporaries, Hamilton and co have mastered the fine art of balancing nostalgia with innovation.
Combining wit with an unpredictable charm, their music provides a fitting rebuke to the times, and their once adolescent fury has now morphed into a measure of healthy aggression.
Their live shows are all the better as a consequence, and although the band has always transferred well onto record, like all the greatest bands, Little Triggers need to be experienced live if one is to fully comprehend their true prowess. Recent appearances, both at home and abroad are a testament to the bands fiery performances. Having performed in China last year and having driven a French festival audience wild, it is fitting that Little Triggers are one of rock n roll's greatest hopes for the future. (Richard Bradshaw - The Culture Journal)

Upcoming events with Little Triggers

19 April
93 Feet East
£7 ADV