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Lou Taylor

I’m a London based singer/songwriter who is partakes in the genres of the Rock/Folk variety. As a young human I longed to be an astronaut, however depleting GCSE grade levels and a crippling fear of heights crushed that dream quicker than Joe Pesci crushed that dude’s head in ‘Casino’. After hearing the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Husker Du I decided to become a musician. 

Recently a young woman described my music as “The Clash’s London Calling meets Nebraska era Springsteen” which I would say is a fairly accurate account of what I shoot for, as I grit my teeth and try to suppress my constant need to self deprecate. Ultimately what I musically strive for is anger, love, passion, humor and most importantly honesty. 

So if you love dark romantic songs about inner city life told through the gnarled vocals of a neurotic twenty-something than COME ON DOWN! 

And if that isn’t your thing then COME ON DOWN!....I want your money either way.