Louder Still


“Fast rising UK rock band who have brought a new shine to an old form – old school rock”

(Louder than war)

Louder Still are a young Rock band formed in 2016 but forged from love of the great British rock giants. Their songs have amazing melodies, searing vocals, heart-stopping riffs and all based on the granite foundations of an incredible pulsating rhythm section. Louder Still have somehow pulled off a neat trick in making the music sound 21st century and vital.

“Having already notched up live performances at Rocklahoma, as well as supporting Lita Ford and L.A. Guns, this band is doing it old school by creating excitement before the full album release in Early 2018.If bands like Louder Still are the future of British rock…. then USA watch out!!  I think we have another NWOBHM coming our way. Decibel Geek readers and listeners, keep an eye out for more singles by Louder Still.  These guys rock! “

(Decibelgeek )

In this band there is something for everyone no matter your music taste. All four members are outstanding musicians and have a huge wealth of live and studio experience across the globe. The passion and hard work that drives this band is something that will surprise you and these guys are dedicated to bringing rock music back in to the forefront of the public eye.

“supremely entertaining set of pulsating, energetic and good old fashioned rock and roll. More than once I found myself drawing fondly nostalgic comparisons with Rainbow and echoes of Deep Purple. They bring an undoubtedly fresh and exuberant development to the classic hard rock sound”

(Rob Fisher – Progressive Aspect)

Bringing youth and new ideas to a classic style and swimming against the tide is always a perfect and potent combination and with their deep love of the classic and young energy it’s easy to see why the band are building up a big reputation. This could be why they are building up a big following on the live circuit – a place where reputations are earned and not created by hype.

It was Dee Snider of Twisted Sister that coined the phrase ‘I Wanna Rock’.

Louder Still epitomise this phrase!!