Lower Loveday

A Musical Storm is brewing... One that began way back in a School Talent show. Since then our Hooks have got catchier, our Basslines, groovier and riffs punchier. So now the stage really is set so... Grab your raincoats and enjoy the storm... Named after a Street in Birmingham, Lower Loveday are a Melodic Indie Rock band based in Cheltenham, and we are looking to be the next big band to really shake up the music scene and really capture the attention of a generation of music fans and provide them with the kind of chart topping guitar music that the world needs. We really believe our music and performances have the power to do that and to return guitar music to where it should be! www.lowerloveday.com https://open.spotify.com/artist/32uwvjulWxUc90gc7bPXMz?si=HBzHgx2zRIWlQ7... www.instagram.com/lowerloveday lowerloveday@gmail.com