Luchi breaks the mould in every category. With his traditional Italian upbringing, there is not much that will phase him on his adventures through the music industry. Growing up in Glasgow, Luchi perfected his craft and is now ready to finish working on his debut album.

His whole life he has been collecting all his experiences and putting them into songs . “Writing music to me is like free therapy” explains Luchi. “Usually when I start writing these songs they start out stories and then change into personal recollections without me even realising it”.

Luchi is also a top liner for other artists and has recently been working with up and coming artists including AMBR.

Recently, he also made it to the regional heats of the UK Unsigned Songwriter of the Year 2016, coming 2nd in his heat and is a semi finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2016

“As much as I love my own artist project, I have a passion for writing with others too and have been so happy to have the opportunity to do this. Whether working with an artist or top lining a track, I’m always happiest when I’m creating”

Born to perform, from a young age it was clear that this boy comes alive on the stage. Now with a distinct style, He looks set to hit the big time with his soulful voice and mature lyrics. Writing his songs from personal experience gives the lyrics a very real feeling and easy to connect with. Luchi is ready to crack the industry and become the star he was born to be!