Incorporating the electrifying and explosive nature of a true hedonist on a pleasure trip, Madcap is a Bristol based Hip Hop MC whose lyrics of thrill seeking and adrenaline highs soar over punchy, bass-lead beats and hard rock riffs.

Having recently completed his debut 6 track EP, Madcap is now building the buzz of its spring release by taking his high energy show to the stage with both a 3-piece live band and a scratch DJ set.

His 1 minute live show promo video can be seen here:

"Rage Against the Machine meets Eminem, only British." - Synthetica Events

"Madcap isn't just a rapper, he has a show. That's what the entertainment industry needs, and I was entertained." - Inglfest Music Festival

On speaking about the impending album, Madcap said: "The first single is Friend or Foe. It's a guitar-laden beast slathered in punch lines and bad attitude. The video we just shot involved fight choreographers, a theatre combat team, martial arts instructors, actors and more. We filmed 3 bar fights in 3 venues, smashed 16 glass bottles over our heads and didn't let up for 14 hours straight. What's more, the whole thing was filmed in a single-shot format, with me rapping down the street jumping in to each successive venue. It really is a beast."

"Prepare to be rocked from start to finish in every sense of the word." - Wordplay Hip Hop Magazine

"Energy by the bucket load and an uncanny ability to engage with the crowd." - The Fleece, Bristol

Madcap is now working on the video for the second single, in which he likens the addictive qualities of snowboarding with that of cocaine.

Following the albums release, he plans to perform extensively throughout the UK to build his name.