Matt Miller

Matt Miller (Matteo Michelangelo Mugnai) was born in Poggibonsi, Tuscany. He spent the first part of his life in Livorno and then, at the age of six, he moved to Rome.
He started to play music since he was very young and he was interested in listening to blues because of the movie "The Blues Brothers", in fact the first cd that he bought was a Robert Johnson's one.
But the first time that he really fell in love with the sound of a guitar was when he listened to Nirvana. At the age of 15 he started to write his first songs but he was really scared of the idea that someone could listen to them (he used to sing really quietly because he was afraid that his neighbors could hear him).
Step by step, with his parents’ help he started to believe a bit more in his songs and started to write and sing freely doing his first gigs around Rome.
In 2017 he moved to London and he’s studying classical composition to be a more complete musician.