Michael Vickers

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Michael Vickers’ combination of rock, folk, rap and his talent for storytelling has got audiences and critics drooling (possibly the only superlative not yet used to describe him). His songs have been referred to as clever, captivating, beautiful, vivacious, unique and spellbinding.

Following Kasabian, Maybeshewill, and of course Engelbert Humperdinck, Leicester has produced yet another memorable artist in Michael Vickers. His humorous and touching views on life shine through in both his lyrics and his onstage presence. Michael’s jokey nature, alongside his impulsiveness and desire to always be centre stage and his powerful voice compound his captivating persona.

A five star review from his facebook page reads: ‘Imagine the Beatles and Oasis had a love child, and that love child just happened to be a really likeable guy with an infectious personality.’

After his performance at Glastonbury 2015, Michael released an EP - 'Giant Leap Year' and took himself on an UK tour, playing in dingy basements and underground clubs, culminating at the prestigious ‘Under the Bridge’ in Fulham, supporting The Family Silver. He’s continued to impress the industry at numerous showcases and performed live on Notts TV.

Michael Vickers 'Wanted You To Know' - Live at The Fleece