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A Bristol based psych-jazz band led by saxophonist, Dino Christodoulou, and Neil Smith on guitar. Mixing middle east grooves, kraut rock, free jazz and improv. With Roberto Nappi on drums and Pasquale Votino on electric bass. Live reviews- "...striking the perfect balance between groove-inducing Cypriot rhythms and face-melting sonic outbursts. Saxophone, double-bass, drums and guitar harmonise beautifully with one another before taking a violent turn, gradually descending into a darker beast entirely. The group handle this anarchic transition brilliantly, utilising repetition to such a hypnotic degree it feels like you're the unwitting participant of a rollercoaster ride through the depths of hell. Powerful stuff." 'Dino is straight-ahead tenor player out of the Sonny Rollins tradition; Neil is a post-rock decidedly electric guitarist with a few classic progenitors. He combines angular, sometimes dissonant funky chording with blistering solos, rapid flurries of overdriven notes and textural sustains. Dino contributes tunes with a Cypriot ( his nationality) flavour, churning rhythms and rapid riffs, very Laventine. Drummer Roberto Nappi and bassist Pasquale Votino excel at these grooves. Together they make for a tight sound on the edge of wildness.' Album review - "Off the chart musicianship, cagey rhythms and brilliant dynamics is what you will find on this debut release from Bristol based art/jazz unit Milon. Led by tenor saxophonist Dino Christodoulou and electric guitarist Neil Smith the group unleash seven introspective pieces that continuously keep things on the move. The guitars range from crisp clean chords to frantic "strangulation" like solos while the saxophone style is more aching to that of Sonny Rollins. Drummer Roberto Nappi and bassist Pasquale Votino lay down an unbeatable foundation that's not afraid to wander into the outer realms of experimentation. The band sync together amazingly well, much like the four lions that got together to form Voltron. "Calabacin" is an absolute shredder while "Ayia Luna" and "Woody's Beat" offer up a bit more swing. This is the type of record that has me picking up something new with each and every listen. It challenges you while you can tell the band are challenging themselves throughout the entire thing. A truly stellar release across the board. "

MILON "Aldehyde"