Monette Allison

Monette Allison is a 20 year old, singer-songwriter based in London/ Falmouth, Cornwall. Specialising in the mixed genres of Neo-Soul and Folk. Her lyrics aim to be motivational. She strives to only be a positive and honest influence for her listeners. Inspiring people to love who they are and not follow the trends and expectations the world has created for them. She created her own philosophy (“just be who you are and love every obstacle that comes in the way, because it can make you a better person.”) in which she follows and reflects through her music. Her inspirations for music are Lianne La Havas, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Monettes' songs are a combination of ballads and uptempo numbers with a strong emotive appeal, which connects with a wide ranged audience.

“Music is my voice, especially when I was young. I was very socially awkward because there was a point in my life where that confident little girl kind of disappeared- and then I was really afraid of expressing who I was… so music was my way of having a voice. That’s why I talk about myself in third person - because thats the part of me that’s a lot stronger. THAT Monetté is super strong and so confidently vulnerable. Just like I want my music to help other people - to be confident and empowered - that side of myself, kind of pushes my other half to listen and like… yeah, feel empowered sometimes.” - [Sprüdel. 2017. Wisteria Tree - Monette Allison Interview. ]

Though she may not be classically trained, her very thick vocal tone and range of up to 3.5 octaves make up for that.

Wisteria Tree - Monetté Allison (Official Video)