My Fiasco

My Fiasco are a London-based, 5-Piece, Pop Rock band with one aim: To write and gig in-your-face, catchy-as-f**k, guitar-driven sounds! My Fiasco is a cesspool of homo-sapien ancestry with a Brummy, Geordie, two Norfolkians (is that a thing?!) and an Australian at the helm. This cataclysmic combination of musicianship formed in London when Songwriter-guitarist, Steve Potter moved to the city in search of a band to join him in smashing the sh*t out of the London Music Scene. He soon met Patsy Lowe who completely changed his outlook on the music he’d written so far and subsequently the two struck up an explosive writing partnership. The pair quickly built a repertoire of original material and forged a pop-rock sound, which was received well on the open mic scene in Camden. Looking to turn their little venture into a mighty Fiasco, Patsy and Steve recruited the skills of Erin ‘Eazy’ Wayne, Dan Munoz and John Watts and started rehearsing relentlessly to develop a full band sound, which delivered the My Fiasco vision. My Fiasco are now gigging their unique energetic heavy-pop-rock sound on the London Music and are hungry for more!