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Nana White Pepper

Noisy. Notorious. Nana White Pepper. A night with Nana is everything a gig should be — powerful, energetic and full of life. They unite aggressive guitars with sweeping solos; growling bass with pounding drums; and melodic vocals with tribal chants. All to create a sound that challenges the all-too-common label of alternative rock. From riffs you can’t get out of your head to choruses you won’t want to, Nana White Pepper take their audience on a journey each time they perform. There’s no margin for error in a Nana White Pepper show — each song dynamically rolls into the next until you come out of the other side not quite sure where you are and why you’re dancing so hard. “Equally melodic and dark with massive fuzzy guitars.” - This Feeling “Blackpool-based Nana White Pepper has been blowing crowds away since the end of 2016, becoming known for their explosive performances and tight, seamless sets – they’ve walked into a venue full of strangers and won over the crowd more than once.” - Northern Exposure “With driving bass riffs, and powerful, often haunting vocals, NWP sit on the rock/punk edge of music alongside acts such as Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age." - Kettle “Equally ferocious and loud.” - Jack Rocks