High energy London based PALUMBO incorporate influences of classic artists from the heydays of the 60's, 70's and 90's to create a cross-genre, unique but familiar sound. Big riffs, catchy hooks and memorable melodies take the listener on a journey through space and time with expansive inspiration track to track from The Rolling Stones, RATM, RHCP Nirvana, Bowie, The Beatles,Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

**** Described as "Sgt Red Hot Chili Pepper, AC/DC, Arthur Lee and Love" PALUMBO are a high energy London based rock group fronted by Australian session musician Dion "Blindman Jumbo" Palumbo.

After After achieving moderate commercial success with his Sydney band “Wizard”, Palumbo flew to Liverpool UK to explore his family origins, bringing his inspired tunes and immersing himself in the vibrant Liverpool live scene. Under the name "ThemBones", next stop was to explore the pop culture city of Manchester, regularly performing at venues such as Night and Day and The Roadhouse.

in 2011 Palumbo was drawn to London to study production and arranging @ London Centre of Contemporary Music (LCCM). It was here where Palumbo was inspired to add 3 horns and two backing vocalists to the usual rock 4 piece, creating 9 piece extravaganza "Palumbo and the Funk", taking inspiration from James Brown and Frank Zappa. PATF became regulars on the London scene, headlining venues north and south of the Thames.

Palumbo and the Funk released award winning EP "Rock the Funk" in 2013 and album "All The Rage We Are" 2016 gathering much industry and music fan interest as well as regular airplay globally

In 2017 Palumbo decided to streamline the lineup, leaving the horn section behind in favour of 2 guitars, bass and drums 5 piece rock n roll.

What can one expect to see at Palumbo shows? Inspired tunes with sonic innovation from lead guitarist Nathan Chan, ethereal harmonies energetic jumping and eye candy from Lea Volpes vocals, fat lines and rock poses via Fredy Pinto on bass, infectious grooves from Pete Galea on drums all intertwined with guitar and vocal hooks designed and fronted by Palumbo himself.

BBC Introducing have been early champions along with Gary Crowley who described them as "a musical powerhouse" spinning single "Try it Out" Singles ‘Get It Right’, 'Freefall', 'This Thing' and 'Dawn is Rising' have received regular airplay globally from stations such as Shoreditch Radio, Boogaloo Radio, The Deuce Show, The Rock Emporium in L.A., and hosts of community radio. 'Get It Right' was voted number 1 for 3 weeks running on Dutch Station For The Love of Music in June 2016