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*PICSEL are a noisy alternative grunge-pop four piece from Swansea UK. The band combine the overlapping vocal fun of Weezer, with the raw screw-you punk of Fidlar and anthemic energy of Japandroids. *

Debut album Modern Life Discovery is a collection of loud and at times just plain weird songs documenting the sheer bloody awkwardness of living. Written by accident, this collection of tracks are the product of frenzied weeks and months writing the second album for alternative pop project BROKEN FIRES. Unexpectedly punk, unexpectedly hooky, the band felt that this collection just had to be released as a separate project.

Recorded DIY across three days at Soundhaven Rehearsal rooms Swansea, this debut album is about as independent as they come. Guitarist Justin engineered and produced the record as Gareth (guitar and vocals) Tom (bass and vocals) and David (drums) played for 12 hours straight in the live room thrashing out 9 snappy pop punk tracks that rekindle the spirit of 90s punk and grunge that runs through the DNA of this band.

Debut track 'FAT AND OLD' was shared with BBC Music (accidentally) and played on the Adam Walton show on the same day. PICSEL are now all set to release their debut album and are looking to get these songs to the ears of as many people suffering the ailments of modern life as possible.

Debut single Alcohol and Drugs is out now on Cardiff indie Phwoar and Peace Records. The album Modern Life Discovery is pencilled for release in 2019.