Pot Kettle Black

Pot Kettle Black are a 4 piece originals blues rock band from Southampton, members are Paul Chamberlain (guitar), Pete Aubrey (vocals), Jodie Nicholson (drums) and finally Shaun Pendleton (bass). They’ve been playing in and around the Southampton music circuit for a couple of years and have been doing fairly well, recently coming 4th in the Black room studios battle of the bands which started with 80+ bands, they’ve also recently released their first music video and are soon to be having tracks on popular music streaming formats such as Apple Music, Spotify ect. They’re currently in the process of arranging a mini tour of Germany which should be a great experience for them. Pot Kettle Black are a band that are about original music, they love making their own music and knowing that people are listening to something they created and thoroughly enjoy it when people are having a great time listening to it. They’re all best mates and have a great bond and no matter what happens they do it with a smile and a beer in their hands.

POT KETTLE BLACK - Cold Road (Official Video)