Primal Rust

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Primal Rust is a hard rock band that bud from the musical ideas of guitar player Rusty and the melodies of Chris. They meet casually in the rehearsal studio of a friend who was in search of musicians for his original rock project. Even if they came from different genres, Rusty realize that the Chris’s vocal potentialities could fit for his project: hearing the songs, Chris is captivated by the energy of the guitars and the hard rock sound, that impress him. The guys starts working on songs structures and melodies, using Rusty’s lyrics. After few months, they complete the recording of the demo “Recording Demo”, that includes five original songs, two of them written and composed by both (“Guess Where I Am” and “Reason To Stay”). In that period, besides composing new songs, they meet and try different musicians to complete the line-up, but no one has the essential trait that they are looking for: total commitment to music. Anyway, they decide to propose their demo to different labels, independents and major. In 2017 Chris leaves the project. Following that Primal Rust had a new line up. Troy, Pete and David joined the band. With strong influences from the 80's band of the Sunset Strip. Primal Rust is newly formed, but consisting of members from around the world, who's past projects have performed in notable venues in Rome and New Zeland, and were asked to support the likes of Skid Row, Anvil and Ace Frehley. Primal Rust is: Rusty - Lead Guitar Through a rocky road to Dublin, with the L.A. beach in his blood, and his Gibson bounded to his body and soul, the mastermind of the band. Troy - Lead Vocals From a Rock N' Roll past, that a punk would be scared of, ready to bring back the good old times of the Sunset Boulevard, Primal Rust powerful singer and energetic frontman. Pete - Drums Sipping beer since the sunrise, with a couple of sticks, and a destroying snare drum on his back, the backbeat of Primal Rust. David - Bass After shakin' walls in biker bars across the land downunder, he'll grace you with his luscious hair and white cowboy boots while providing the thundering bass lines to the band.Bruno - the last but not least, the newest member in the family, the missing brother on the rhythmic guitar. - The project is founded on the need for describe our experiences and the reality that we live, through a genre in wherein we believe as a means to express what we are. We think that this musical style must born again keeping its powerful and strong feature. -