Rahul Advani

Rahul Advani has been steadily carving his mark as a singer-songwriter and pianist since 2014, when he released his debut EP "Night Stories" which featured on the BBC Asian Network.

Influenced by a classic style of songwriting that harks back to the piano-driven music of Billy Joel and Elton John, Rahul blends heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks with rock, pop and soul sensibilities.

An experienced performer, he has played at venues across Singapore, including Hard Rock Cafe, The Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands, and India, where he won the biggest singing competition in the city of Pune in 2016.

Currently at work on his sophomore effort titled “Ready to Breathe”, the EP is a collection of songs about rediscovery, friendship and coming of age.

"Fans of melodic songwriting (and admirers of ’80s pop ballads) would so well to check out this promising young artist" - TODAY Online

"Advani’s slow croon makes it a perfect night story, drawing from the best pop ballads of the years past" - The Hindu

"It is a highly decent debut for a newcomer. He has potential in spades, so it would be interesting to see how his musical journey unfolds from here"
- The Straits Times

"The sensual gravity with that gravelly voice of Rahul captures the attention of listeners upon the first listen" - Spin or Bin Music