Roma Palace

Recently founded, Roma Palace (a name chosen with the idea of two fanciful evocations of a dream romance), is the brand new project of three best friends who share a passion for melody, catchy hooks and generally just creating memorable music that makes you wanna move. They describe their sound as a mixing bowl with John Mayer, The Strokes, Gorillaz, Phoenix and Parcels as the ingredients.

Roma Palace are a tight trio unit featuring two Essex boys David Ngochinya (Austrian born and part Nigerian) on drums and Craig Glynn on bass, the group is rounded off by French native Pol Mira who brings his unique vocals and blues driven guitar style to the table, having honed his craft playing in numerous bands in France. After their debut single release 'Tell Me' they went through the Glastonbury Emerging Talent final and had the opportunity to play Glastonbury 2019.