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Born and raised in the North East of England, Neil-James and David were both musically inclined from a very young age, taking guitar lessons and soon after joining bands in senior school. Taking opportunities to perform often in front of crowds, without knowing they started to shape their musical style and in 2016, the 20-something year old brothers moved to London to begin their music career as ‘Sereva’.

Having found inspiration in bands like Radiohead, Sereva’s first EP has been steeped in social and political issues. While at first it seems the alt-rock guitar riffs are there to get your head bobbing, they actually stand at a juxtaposition to the sometimes sombre lyrics around the downfalls of social media and the tragic event involving Grenfell Tower.

Their debut single, In Plain Sight, has now amassed thousands of Spotify plays in a foreshadowing of what could be great success for the Geordie brothers.

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17 April
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