From São Luís, in the State of Maranhão, to the world! This is the journey that Soulvenir have been on since 2011, the year in which what would become one of the most interesting projects of the Brazilian independent music scene was born. Behind the success are five enthusiastic and exciting musicians: Adnon Soares (Guitar / Voice), Sandoval Filho (Synthesizers), Sundays James (Guitar), Wilson Moreira (Drums) and Marlon Silva (Bass).

The debut album, "Galaxy Species", released in 2011, has an intricate sound and a system in which musical references follow each other. This album put them on the map and they have travelled many kilometres with it and played many concerts. Even more fans were conquered with performances that brought them compliments from specialized critics in some of the biggest music festivals in Brazil (such as the DoSol Festival or the CE Point, for example).

And so, at cruising speed, 2016 arrives, the year everything changed and Soulvenir made the big jump. The band not only has participated in the first edition of the contest "EDP Live Bands Brasil", promoted by the Portuguese festival NOS ALIVE, but they also came out victorious. Thanks to this achievement, they crossed the ocean, performed on the secondary stage of one of the biggest summer festivals in Europe alongside names like Radiohead, Tame Impala, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and the Pixies, and also recorded an album with Sony Music Brasil. This was undoubtedly a very special year for the band.

But having stepped on stages and lived adventures, it was time to stop life on the road to compose again. Then, the band dedicated their time to what would become their second album of originals. Under the title "Uterearth", the record includes eleven themes that saw the light in the summer of 2017, defining a new direction in the Brazilian band’s path.

In 2018, Portugal is back on the map for Soulvenir, as are the UK and Spain, countries where they will perform for the first time. It all starts with "Wild Angel," the new single from the album they now feature for the English, Spanish and Portuguese public. But Soulvenir's journey will not end here!

Soulvenir - Gravity (Ao Vivo)