TALLULAH is a Singer/Songwriter/Self-taught Musician based in London whose inspirations range from genres like Soul, R&B to 70’s/80’s Rock and progressive Rock. This being the basis for her love for lyric writing and composing. Coming from a long line of musicians in her family, she, from a very young age, was exposed to a variety of different music her father would play constantly, being an active musician himself. Bands and artists like Kansas, Journey, Toto, Steely Dan and Kate Bush paved a young girls love and interest in music to compose and write the songs she does today.   TALLULAH's genre is a soulful one with hints of Jazz, however she is not afraid to venture into different genres that would better illustrate the story she is portraying. Artists like Jhene Aiko, Amy Winehouse and Hiatus Kayote have influenced the sound she wants to bring to peoples imaginations, hoping that each individual will take what they will from her music or join her in the happiness or turmoil portrayed. ​