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Tamara Buckley is not your average British singer/ songwriter. Born and raised in Worthing, a small seaside town in Sussex to evangelical Christian parents, Tamara perfected her craft singing hymns at church by day and emulating Britney Spears via Jeff Buckley in her bedroom, by night. Her first song ‘Music is my sex’ was written at 13; a rebellious anthem channelling the angst of being removed from school as a teenager to be home schooled, where her creationist parents taught her sex education with a diagram of two chickens and an egg, and no people. Aware she was missing out on the traditional rites of passage of her teenage peers, Tamara spent most of her time on her own practising singing, secretly watching explicit pop videos on MTV, playing her beloved piano and challenging her strange new alternative curriculum; much to the frustration of her parents. Eventually Tamara’s wilful spirit got her into music college to study her favourite subject with the blessing of her preacher father who did thoroughly encourage his daughter’s talent, although eyebrows were raised when she started to become interested in heavy metal AKA ‘the devils music’. However, charmed by their daughters unstoppable sonic antics, her parents could not deny that Tamara’s unconventional education, had now certainly helped her flourish musically into a tour de force. Tamara’s sensual vocals linger over dark electronica and her witty lyrics give a taste of her smart mouth set to pop dance beats with a smattering of rap and trap. Enigmatic, enchanting and equally as dance floor friendly Tamara’s distinctive sound on tracks like ‘Fking it’ and ‘Beach Bunny’ will draw you into her uncompromising, colourful and brave new world.