Tilly Dent

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Tilly Dent writes lyrically-driven melodic pop music. By mixing an impressive vocal elasticity with intricate fingerstyle guitar, his songs and sound take you into his inner-world. Influenced by 90's singer-songwriters like Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley, Tilly composes songs which are both complete melodic ideas, whilst remaining vocally open to improvisation and emotional dynamism in a live setting. Originally from the Devonshire countryside, Tilly graduated from Oxford last year, where he was a regular on the music scene. Now in London, he's focused on bringing his unique sound to a wider audience. His demos are available on soundcloud, on which he has over 3000 listens.

Over the past months he's played at:
- Half Moon, Putney
- St. Moritz Club, Soho
- Lucky Pig, Fitzrovia
- Gin and Phonics, Oxford
- Albion & Beatnik, Oxford

Links to Original Music: