Toby Corton

London based singer/songwriter Toby Corton, who releases music under 'toby.', is a new arrival in the the UK music scene. Despite his recent emergence he is gaining some traction, with his recent release 'Hazy Sunday' gathering him a following. Among this following are tastemakers 'colors berlin', who have said that with every release 'toby adds another layer to his artistry', describing 'Hazy Sunday' as 'pure bliss'.

Toby, who has developed from acoustic performances to now working with a full band, deftly combines melodic jazz, R&B grooves, with poignant & personal themes. Each song draws on personal experiences; love, life, family, growing up & sexuality. These are detailed through sharp & honest lyrics, which are brought to life in the soulful voice that emanates when he sings.

Toby. - You Know Me So Well | A COLORS SHOW