Tyler Rix

Tyler Rix is a British singer songwriter & sax man looking to top the charts once again.

Having risen to prominence with a Number 1 selling solo saxophone album with Universal Classics & Jazz aged sixteen, Tyler knows how to write a mean horn line. Influenced by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, George Benson, MJ & Stevie Wonder; his musical taste bodes well for his move into the pop world.

Having spent his early twenties travelling around the globe as an international model, Tyler has turned his experiences into beautifully crafted records. His stories and his blues-funk signature sound are set to touch people around the world.

From relatable heartfelt ballads to feel-good summer classics, there is a conviction and character about Tyler that makes him someone you simply want to get to know. Big soulful harmonies over catchy choruses will instantly have you singing along. His highly anticipated sax solos alongside his horn section make for a fascinating live show. Don’t miss him!